Talking Pictures: The Narcissists (Review) New to Video on Demand

Host Paul Booth reviews Writer/Producer/Director Quincy Rose’s new film. The Narcissists hit iTunes, Amazon and other VOD platforms this week. Quincy has been on Talking Pictures a few times and you can also see his other films on Amazon.

In his third outing as a Director Quincy Rose went out on an ambitious limb with his shots and choice of editing. In a film reportedly shot in five days and uniquely-dialogue heavy (Quincy) Roses’s power of the pen it what made it work. It is rare a film is packed with one-liners, but is not a gag film. I recommend this movie for its quality, but also because it is has the guts to just be without trying to meet a made-up “need” of what I am supposed to feel.

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Paul Booth

Paul Booth

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