1. Sonny Rollins: Saxophone Colossus  The master of the Sax, the one they hold in esteem with John Coltrane. It is well known amongst scholar’s, fans and musical (sorry) snob’s that Jazz is Jazz and Blues is Blues. They are siblings and one does not exist without the other. So enjoy discovering the “man” that is Sonny Rollins

2. Rise of Allman Brothers  The story of one of the greatest Southern bands rooted in B.B. King and the wonderful smells when you travel around South Carolina, Georgia and Florida. Their music no doubt represents a region.

3. SRV 1984-1989  The story of the man who brought the Blues back into the mainstream with his fierce licks and constant homage to his masters. Stevie Ray Vaughan taken all too soon, age 35.

4. Horn from the Heart The Paul Butterfield Story…. If you haven’t seen it you need to watch it!

5. Last of the Mississippi Juke Joints  A wonderful documentary exploring how America is losing part of its culture. It is not just American culture, because these Juke Joints birthed many a player that stormed your Vinyl, CD, iPod and now, however you get music. For me, there is nothing more fun than a down and dirty, Juke Joint (Chicago or The Delta). The smell of Catfish, Whiskey, Beer, Live Blues and people having “pure” fun.

6. Johnny winter: Down and Dirty A Texas slinger who will blow your mind. He lived the Blues and ended up Producing Muddy Waters come back in the ’80s. 

7. RUMBLE Like Led Zepellin? Like Jeff Beck? Like The Band? WATCH IT. 

8. Allman Brothers Band  After the Crash With success (see #1), comes tragedy. A must see to understand the entire mix of the Allman Brothers band.

9. Ken Burns Jazz  (10-parts) Jazz is Blues and Blues if Jazz. See it all unfold here.

10. Lynard Skynard. If I Leave Here TomorrowAbsolutely superb tell-all of the band we love and the all-too-sad ending.**(rent $4.99 Prime)


11. Thelonius Monk: Straight No Chaser**(rent $2.99 Prime) 

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