Top Ten Netflix Picks

We could all use a laugh right now. Enjoy and explore…
1. Back to the Future Dir. Robert Zemeckis
As classic and inventive as it gets. See it!
2. Back to the Future II
Same as above and there are some trippy (iconoclastic) themes in this one. 
3. Back to the Future III
Because you have to finish the Trilogy!
4. Get him to the Greek  
Jonah Hill and Russell Brand (in an odd-pairing) drove this wild-ride home. Hill plays a music-executive who must get (Brand) a crazy rock-star back to L.A. Brand is superb as the Rock star who can’t out the bottle or….down. All in good fun!
5. Groundhog Day Dir. Harold Ramis 
I had to. You have to see it (if you haven’t)!
6. Fun with Dick and Jane
Classic Jim Carrey with a nice social message about Corporation’s. Nothing heavy, laugh; like Jim Carrey “alrighty then.”
7. Jo koy: Comin in Hot Stand Up
Filmed in Hawaii (not for children under 15)
8. Silver Linings Playbook  Director David O. Russell
The arrival of Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, the film also tugs on the heart strings. Deniro received his first Oscar-nod in two decades for this movie.
9. Drillbit Taylor
Owen Wilson, take a load off and giggle.
10. Guess Who 
Bernie Mac and Ashton Kutcher pull this one off. A hilarious-take on what happens and when an African-American woman surprises her Dad with a white-boyfriend.
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Paul Booth

Paul Booth

Paul's love of movies is at the core of who he is. He is a filmmaker, journalist and film historian.

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