Top Ten Netflix Picks

A little something for everyone this week. Has Netflix moves from a “special” night to our normal, here are some choice’s outside the new-wave of binge-watching television shows. I can guarantee there are no Top Ten List’s with Just Friends, Molly’s Game and some LGBTQ choices. I create these lists, so you can “explore all facets of Cinema. 
1. Just Friends  Dir. Roger Kumble (2005)
The best film out there about “The Friend’s Zone.” There are no crude jokes and it is completely appropriate for kids 13 and above. Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart were the perfect match in this film.
2. Bad News Bears (remake)  Dir. Richard Linklater (2005)
This time Billy Bob Thornton is the infamous Coach Buttermaker. In a role previously played by Walter Matthau, yes nothing compares to the original, but here there the revisions are worth it.
3. Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story  Dir. Jake Kasdan (2007)
John C. Reilly plays Dewey Cox (a spoof of Johnny Cash) in this wildly-hilarious comedy that takes a jab at rock n’ roll biopics. It is more on the adult side, so not a “family” movie night selection. This film has a lot of one-liners, so pay close attention.
4. Molly’s Game Dir. Aaron Sorkin (2017)  
Jessica Chastain in Aaron Sorkin’s Directorial debut. Chastain plays Molly Bloom, Bloom ran an illegal high-stakes Poker game in L.A., then NYC. It is rumored the Michael Cera character is based on Toby Maguire.
5. Cadillac Records  Dir. Darnell Martin (2008)
Adrien Brody as Leonard Chess. This is the story of Chess Records; Chess Records gave birth to Rock and Roll through the electric Blues of Chicago. Wonderful performances by Mos Def (as Chuck Berry), Beyonce (as Etta James), Cedric the Entertainer (as Willie Dixon) and Jeffrey Wright (as Muddy Waters). There was great debate over some dramatic licensing taken for the film, but you must dive into this piece of Music History that changed the world. The Rolling Stones are named after a Muddy Waters song (nothing else to say).
6. Taxi Driver Dir. Martin Scorsese (1977)
See it! It is disturbing, but not to be flashy, a true examination of a trouble Taxi Driver named Travis Bickle (De Niro). Brilliant performance’s by De Niro, Harvey Keitel and a very-young Jodie Foster.
7. The Death and Life of Martha P. Johnson  Dir.  David France (2017)
Socially-relevant, all-too-timely and well, all I can say is….now more than ever, watch it!
8. Feminists What Were They Thinking? Dir. Johanna Demetrakas (2018)
The title says it all, a brilliant look at the History of the multi-faceted movement. 
9. Air Force One Dir. Wolfgang Petersen (1997)
Harrison Ford as President (what a dream). Russian’s Hi-Jack Air Force One, put on your seatbelts (no pun). What a superb-Film that will have you on edge (get comfortable, you will not want to hit pause or get up for water). 
10. Minority Report  Dir. Steven Spielberg (2002)
Tom Cruise before he became his own industry. This is a hard film to explain, without ruffling feather’s. The Govt. arrests people before they’ve committed a crime. It is one of Spielberg’s best for those who can see past E.T. This movie is absolute-genius, what subversive piece of work, that is scary (the premise is handled so well).
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Paul Booth

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