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Film review by Co-Producer Sharron Skelton.

NewFest – Doc Competition – NYC Premiere 
Saturday, Oct. 27th – 1pm @
SVA Theatre – 2333 W 23rd St. 
New York, NY 10011 United States
Cherry Grove Stories, by Michael Fisher, is an interesting and insightful story that has been beautifully woven together by the residents talking about their experiences of what it is like to live in an unique place that is located just 55 miles away from New York City, called Cherry Grove, on Fire Island.
 This small islands who’s history is rich with pirate tales and folklore has also been the best kept secret for gay men as a kind of paradise for them, where they could be as free and as expressive as they wanted to be since the 1950’s.
 Although Cherry Grove has for the most part been a wonderful place for people to go and express themselves they did have to face horrible and humiliating persecution just for simply being who they were and choosing to be with the person that they loved, a right that every human being should have and that many of us take for granted every day.
 During the 1980’s the devastating AIDs crisis hit Cherry Grove, it took many lives leaving many residents to mourn the loss of their friends and loved ones. It also changed the dynamic of the place for all time because with so many properties now for sale lesbians were now able to buy homes and live there as well.
 Cherry Grove has seen many changes throughout the decades and is right now going through yet another change as to where is seems like things are getting more restrictive there, making a person wonder if the place that was once known for its freedom and expression will now be doomed to end up as another form of boring modern day suburbia.

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