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Paul Booth

Founder & Host

Paul Booth’s love of movies is at the core of who he is. He is a filmmaker, journalist and film historian.

Kai Lovell

Guest Host

Kai is a certifiable movie nut.  “I am honored to do this, so that our love of movies may inspire someone to explore film. What would be even sweeter is if someone made a movie and it improve their community or the world!”

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Kevin Hardiman

Producer & Content Manager

Kevin a Vancouver, BC born and raised filmmaker and photographer and graphic designer. He is passionate about visual storytelling; whether in a single frame or a longer-form film, focusing on the development of the story is the key to effectively communicate the message, and resonate with the viewer. He is experienced in directing, producing, cinematography, editing and special effects, Kevin runs a production company Two to the left Films in Vancouver Canada

Josh Lange

Co-Creator & Executive Producer

Josh Lange is a visualization supervisor and animator with over seventeen years of 3D animation experience creating powerful, cinematic moments for the entertainment industry. His clients have included Disney, Marvel Studios, 20th Century Fox, Universal Studios, and Rockstar Games.

Advisory Board

Alexa Foreman

Co-Creator & Co-Executive Producer

Alexa Foreman has used her skills as a researcher and producer primarily at Turner Classic Movies for over 20 years – starting with the launch of the network in 1994. While there, she was an integral part of TCM, which specialized in airing uncut and commercial free classic movies – the channel earning a Peabody in the process…

Jim McNulty

Co-Executive Producer

Jim McNulty is from San Francisco, where he began his 60-year Yellow Brick Road of a love-affair with Cinema. He saw Laurel and Hardy’s version of Babes in Toy Land and it led to his current nature of (when given the chance) seeing four films a day is not enough. Jim has been exploring “all” genre’s of film since his early teen’s. Jim was checking out Underground Cinema when Harriett Tubman was the one showing Film’s. He can be found on early episodes of Talking Pictures with Host Paul Booth doing hour-long discussions on Milos Forman, Sidney Lumet, Ang Lee and Paul Newman.

Robert Sterrett

Co-Executive Producer

Robert Sterrett has been working in the Film Industry for nearly 25 years. He has film and television credits for multiple studios and has produced multiple nationally released indie-films. Robert is bi-coastal and serves as a Key ALM on major Film and T.V. Productions.

Carolyn Booth​


Her passion for the Arts keeps her busy traveling and meeting fellow artists while enjoying the blessings of the film festival circuit. Her pride for her son’s Film History passion brought her to her latest collaboration on Talking Pictures. 

Ely Kalilikane

Associate Producer

Ely is an Award-winning Writer and Producer. More to come