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Our hosts Paul Booth and Kai Lovell discuss everything from the latest films and television series to what’s playing on the film festival circuit. They review the newest and best, the quirky and artistic, things you’ve heard of, and hidden gems you’ll want to see. They also interview the filmmakers themselves – just wait until you listen to the unique and fun interviews with directors, cinematographers, crew members, actors and everyone else who helps make movie magic happen! You’ll want to listen to these eye opening deep dive discussions. This is not your ordinary film review podcast.

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Open (Film) Review

OPEN Co-Writer, Co-Producer and Director: Miles Doleac, Co-Writer/Co-Producer: Lindsey Anne Williams Producer: Elena Sanchez Starring: Miles Doleac, Jeremy London, Lindsey Anne Williams, Elena Sanchez, William Forsythe Release

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Newport Beach Film Festival 2023

Egghead and Twinkie (Review) Egghead and Twinkie Writer/Producer/Director: Sara Kambe Holland  Producers: Danielle Fountaine, Valerie “V” Starks Director of Photography: Olivia Wilson Production Designer: Luke

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Born In Chicago (Review)

Born In Chicago Directed by John Anderson and Bob Sarles Executive Producer: Timm Martin Producer: Barry Goldberg Narrated by Dan Aykroyd “I got a Sweet

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