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Talking Pictures with Paul Booth
Talking Pictures with Paul Booth
Discussions on Film History. Film reviews. Interviews with filmmakers, crew, director, producers, actors, actresses,Film Festival previews and wrap.
Talking Pictures: Ep. #3 Newport Beach F.F. 20th (Review) Cancer Rebellion
by Paul Booth

Host Paul Booth and Co-Executive Producer Carolyn Booth review the documentary CANCER REBELLION. The film recently screened at the Newport Beach Film Festival.

Directed by HernanBarangan(President,RebelMakerFilms) ProducedbyHernanBarangan&SimonDavies


ExecutiveProducer:RogerDaltrey(Lead Singer of TheWho and co-founder of Teen Cancer America)

LOGLINE : WhatisitreallyliketohaveCancerasaTeenager?A survivor travelstoall 50 states touncover thestoriesof others who've also been diagnosed with cancer in their youth.

The Trailer:

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