Top Ten Denzel Washington Movies (Part-Two)

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Time for more Denzel, is there ever enough?
1. The Hurricane Dir. Norman Jewison 1999
Biopic of Rubert “Hurricane” Carter who spent 25-years in jail for a crime he did not commit. This is one of my personal favorites of Denzel. He snagged an Oscar-nod but lost to Kevin Spacey in American Beauty.
2. Philadelphia Dir. Jonathan Demme 1993
In 1993, we knew almost nothing about HIV. This was one of the first Studio Films to tackle the subject. Tom Hanks in a harrowing (Oscar-winning) performance as Andrew Beckett is fired from his law firm for having AIDS. He needs a lawyer, Denzel in a role that at the time was a great risk to his screen persona nailed the role of Joe Miller. He was robbed of an Oscar-nod for his portrayal of Joe Miller, who is an African-American man dealing with his own bigotry against homo-sexuality. No tissue’s, get a towel for the tears with this one.
Five Gems with Director Tony Scott
3. Unstoppable 2009
The commercial train is about to run into a chemical plant. This film is BRILLIANT-POPCORN. Sit back, turn it up and enjoy.
4. Crimson Tide 1995
Gene Hackman (The Unforgiven), Denzel and a Nuclear sub, but the real explosion will come from Mutiny. Please make sure seat-belts are fastened for some of the most-thrilling dialogue driven scenes imaginable.
5. Man On Fire 2004
This thriller co-stars Dakota Fanning (I am Sam) and she was only 10. Given a girl is 10 and not only holds her own with Denzel, but compliments the man himself, check it out is all I have to say.
6. Deja Vu 2006  (warning to anyone with head or seizure issues)
7. Taking of Pelham 123 2007 (Remake)
A new take on the 1974 Classic starring Walter Matthau (Grumpy Old Men). A mad man overtakes control of a subway car, Denzel must stop the Villain (John Travolta).
8. Book of Eli  2010 Dir. The Hughes Brothers (warning to anyone with head or seizure issues)
This is a spooky film and would probably be 10x spookier today. Denzel is one of the last men on earth wandering….I’ll leave it there. SUPERB-FLICK.
9. The Magnificent Seven 2016 Dir. Antoine Fuqua Seven  (Remake)
Just a bad **s movie with a a stellar cast, great shoot-out’s and an interesting social message about the Rich not caring about the poor. Interesting.
10. The Equalizer 2014 Dir. Antoine Fuqua 
Denzel makes sure the bad guys get theirs. Denzel and Fuqua are an excellent team!
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