Top Ten Netflix Picks

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1. Airplane  1980
The genre of original, absurd, spoof-comedy was born. Hot Shots, The Naked Gun SeriesFifty Shades of Black (heck, The Wayan’s Brother’s empire) were all inspired by this Film.
2. Sleepless in Seattle  1994
Nora Ephron’s perfectly written love story about a widower (Tom Hanks) who is trying to raise his son and find love again, stormed theaters and set the tone for almost every Romantic movie that followed. Meg Ryan (The Doors) alongside Hank’s, in this one, no superlative.
3. Tootsie  1982
Dustin Hoffman in an Oscar-nominated role dresses up like a woman to get an acting job. The film is loaded with social commentary and would be a completely different film today (if it could be made in this P.C. bubble). Tootsie is a classic for many reasons, do not miss it.
4. While We’re Young  2015
You like Adam Driver? He is the reason to see this, before he was Han Solo’s son and sought after by every major Film Director for his consistent, stellar-work that includes his Oscar-nominated work (A Marriage Story).
5. Ocean’s Thirteen 2007
The gang is back Clooney, Pitt, Matt Damon and crew, but this time there is a new Casino scam and this Film’s target Al Pacino. After how bad the sequel Ocean’s 12 was, it was wonderful to see the third film work so well. Directed by Steven Soderbergh, the movie is just good-fun and a very well made caper!
6. Mr. Deeds  2002
Adam Sandler (Uncut Gems) in one his earlier comedies that is pure fun and helped build the “World” of Adam Sandler movie’s we all love.
7.  Bad Boys  1995
Will Smith and Martin Lawrence play two Miami cops in the wonderful action-comedy, that was another Summer hit from the ‘era where Will Smith owned theaters with his July Blockbuster’s (Independence Day, Wild Wild West).
8. Jerry Maguire 1996
“Show me the Money!” My words would detract from this classic. Enjoy! 
9. George Lopez: We’ll Do it for Half (Stand-up) 2020  
*Not for kids under 16*
10. The Addam’s Family 1991
The surprise hit that was based on the hit show from the ’60s.
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