Empowered Women in honor of Women’s History Month

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Top 10 movie’s highlighting Empowered Women in honor of Women’s History Month

March 2021

List by CoHost Kai Lovell

  1. The Queens Gambit ( Netflix)
    This limited Series has it all, razor sharp female lead, strong, fierce, flawed, funny, endearing, achiever, dangerous, heart warming, witty, and loyal becomes chess virtuoso whilst living in an orphanage and navigating life in this coming of age gem of a film.          Check mate.
  2. Stuntwomen: The Untold Hollywood Story (Prime Video)
    Director April Wright gives the viewer a back stage pass and exclusive introduction to both the pioneering and contemporary stuntwomen who have brought to life some of the most spectacular and well known stunts and scenes in film history. This movie is 100% badass action and adventure, while at the same time being informative, funny and thoughtful. Girls rule, boys drool. Jk
  3. A League of Their Own (Roku Channel)
    There’s so much goodness in this tale of two sisters, I don’t even know where to begin. Even though there’s no crying in baseball there is an excellent cast, performances, score, and a historically feminist storyline. This Penny Marshall classic is a grand slam. Go Rockford Peaches! 
  4. The United States vs Billie Holiday (Hulu)
    Billie Holidays haunting voice still resonates and rings true until today. She was a global superstar, Icon, mother of the civil rights movement and target of the United States government. This film reminds the viewer how intimidated by those who speak the truth racist, patriarchal men with fragile egos can be. Strange Fruit. Andra Day took home the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Drama for her compelling and flawless performance. 
  5. Whale Rider (Roku Channel)
    Directed by Niki Caro this 2002 film tells the story of a Maori girl being raised by her tupuna or grandparents. At her birth she is given a powerful and sacred male name after a great chief and ancestor Paikea, in her traditional and patriarchal world this act is an outrage. However as the story unfolds she reveals the gentle, thoughtful and quiet power that resides within her soul. 
  6. Kill Bill volume 1 & 2 (HBO)
    ok, ok, so technically this is 2 separate movies, however they both equal 1 so there. In this Tarantino classic the viewer witnesses The Bride, kicking ass and taking the names of each and every scum bag that crossed her. Some of those jerks are seriously superior female villains, like Vernita Green, O-Ren Ishii, Gogo Yubari and Elle Driver just to name a few. It’s bad @ss acting, directing, plot, stunts and cinematography and that’s all there is to say.
  7. Hidden Figures (Disney Plus)
    This biographical film about the brightest of the bright minds at NASA just happens to be about three African American women who have been discriminated against on the basis of sex and racial segregation in the Jim Crowe era. Even through all of the obstacles these ladies face they take a large leap for all of humankind by cracking the code on important space travel equations. 2 + 2 = awesome. Math, it always tells the truth. 
  8. Kid 90 (Hulu)
    Soleil Moon Frye aka Punky Brewster, brings forth an extremely important and nostalgic film about what coming of age was like in the 90’s, via her enormous collection of home shot videos and diaries. 90’s kids were the last to live an North American life without the internet as we understand it today. I found this film both voyeuristic and fun, while at the same time introspective and thought provoking. I loved it, it’s gold. 
  9. The Color Purple (Prime Video)
    This film truthfully tells the tale of traumas many of us are afraid to face such as child abuse, domestic abuse, sexual abuse, racism, and sexism. However even with that being said, this is a film about triumph and victory. Watch it. If you haven’t seen it yet, you’re welcome in advance, it will change you for the better. Steven Spielberg wastes no celluloid and Whoopi Goldberg, Oprah Winfrey and Danny Glover give chicken skin performances. P.S. Shug Avery is a queen.
  10. Roma (Netflix)
    This film is an intoxicating concoction of contradictions. It’s shot in black and white but the story and characters are in color. At least in your mind as you view it. It’s a historical film that feels modern. It has the deepest heartaches and lightest joys. Mexican classism, sexism and inter racial racism set the backdrop for a purely human experience. Innocence, love, betrayal, despair, fear, confusion, happiness, strength and peace are just a few of the emotions and feels you may meet upon the cinematic journey. 
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