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A wonderful and gritty look at groundbreaking comedian Lenny Bruce. Bruce was a taboo comic who would get arrested for topics like sex. We think comedians like Dave Chapelle should be cancelled? Richard Pryor went too far in the ’70s. Lenny Bruce would be cuffed for specific “words” as simple as the F-word.
Lords of Dogtown
The insane story of the rise in Southern California’s skateboard movement in the ’70s. Heath Ledger turns in a.golden performance as your typical Skate shop owner, pot-head, mentor to the teen skaters. 
Harold and Maude
Classic, cult-classic, watch! Everyone loves Harold and Maude.
I Love You Man
Paul Rudd and Jason Siegel star in this perfect homage to the bro-mance. The film examines how much friendship can change when in a relationship. However, is it the girlfriend’s fault? The twist in this film is the GF suggested Rudd find more friends as a way to have fun. 
Patriot’s Day
Mark Wahlberg plays a Boston Police Officer in this superb film about the bombing of the Boston Marathon and its aftermath. 
Fever Pitch
Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon bring their real-life friendship to the big screen to create perfect.on-screen chemistry in this adorable date-night movie. Drew and Jimmy test the theory, is it possible to date when the Boston Red Sox may be more important to Fallon than the relationship (or life) itself?
Bull Durham
It’s baseball season, so why not enjoy the definitive film about minor League Baseball. Get on the road with the Durham Bulls and prepare for the life lessons and hjinx as Kevin Costner (at the peak of ’80s Costner) has one mission train the new pitcher to control his fastball. The new pitcher happens to be Oscar-winnerTim Robbins (The Music River) in his first leading role. 
Failure to Launch
The premise is original and hilarious, parents hire a woman (Sarah Jessica Parker) to help their over-aged son Matthew McConaughey move out. I do not mean over the age 18, I mean over 28! (Smile). 
The Passion of the Christ
No censorship here, but this one was and remains controversial. I will recommend seeing it for its brilliant Cinematography by six-time Oscar Nominee Caleb Deschanel. Deschanel has one of the best eyes Cinema has and happens to be one of the nicest people in the industry. 
Will Smith as a super hero? Yes, this movie manages to have superb action, wonderful laughs and top-notch Visual FX (without relying on FX). Hancock co-stars Charlize Theron and Jason Bateman. This is the rare film that has something for everyone. I am yet to meet anyone who does not like this movie. It is not for kids, due to the fact Will Smith’s character has a drinking problem, among other flaws a superhero never has.
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