Interview with Cinematographer Shane Hurlbut A.S.C.

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Listen to the episode here:

Host Paul Booth and Cinematographer Shane Hurlbut A.S.C. discuss a wide-range of topics including Shane’s work on the Pilot for Resident Alien (Scy-FY, Hulu).  He breaks down technical filming in snowy conditions as well as creating a new world for the Alien who lands on earth.

Shane’s passionate description continues with a deep dive into Guns and Roses video for the smash-hit NOVEMBER RAIN.

An avid athlete growing up, Shane shares some sports stories before he and Host Paul Booth discuss Mr. 3000 with Bernie Mac, Drumline, Semi-Pro with Will Ferrell and they touch on the Football drama We are Marshall. Shane is so passionate about Sorts you would think he spends his time at Dick’s Sporting Goods not on a FIlm set.

Shane shot the Iconoclastic Political comedy Swing Vote with Kevin Costner, Stanley Tucci, Kelsey Grammar, Dennis Hopper and George Lopez. Sit back and enjoy this hour-plus masters class, Shane came to the mic with 150% and left us all with great information to chew on.

Paul Booth

Paul Booth

Paul Booth’s love of movies is at the core of who he is. He is a filmmaker, journalist and film historian.

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