Interview with Cinematographer Nancy Schreiber A.S.C.

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Host Paul Booth and Cinematographer Nancy Schreiber A.S.C. discuss the Starz hit P-Valley. Nancy describes the gritty nature and fun-challenges or creating a Mississippi strip club on a Soundstage in Atlanta. We also dive into her work on Lisa Kudrow’s HBO series The Comeback (2005), the brilliant music documentary about multi-Grammy winner Linda Ronstandt and we peek into her research regiment and how much she enjoys working with her crew.
Nancy is an accomplished Cinematographer with more than four decades lensing television shows, music videos, documentaries, feature-films and commercials 
Nancy is an Emmy-Nominated Cinematographer for her work on The Celluloid Closet. She a long working relationship with Two-Time Oscar winning Director Rob Epstein (The Times of Harvey Milk and Common Threads: Stories from the Quilt).
Paul Booth

Paul Booth

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