Review: The Sunset Limited

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Listen to the episode here:

Host Paul Booth and Production Associate Alonzo Greer review The Sunset Limited. Alonzo has almost three decades in the Film business. He was a co-star in Roar with Heather Ledger and has crewed many films from Whoopi’s Sister ActIndecent Proposal , Rob Howard’s The Paper, Sliver with Sharon Stone and many more.
Alonzo brings a unique perspective fuelled by experiences and stories like shooting Hoops with Woody Harrelson (Indecent Proposal), playing football with Redford while Oprah is about 30 feet away and a vast list of stories including dinner with Batman, I mean Michael Keaton. He loves Film and our Host Paul Booth has enjoyed 20 years of Film chats with Zo (Alonzo).
Paul Booth

Paul Booth

Paul Booth’s love of movies is at the core of who he is. He is a filmmaker, journalist and film historian.

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