Interview with Director Suzanne Kai

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Listen to the episode here:

Host Paul Booth and Director Suzanne Kai dive into her Multi-Award-Winning Documentary (Newport Beach Film Festival Best Music Film) Like a Rolling Stone: The Life and Times of Ben Fong Torres. 
As an Emmy-Nominated Journalist in the Bay Area, Suzanne brings us into the world of 70s iconic Rock journalist Ben Fong-Torres. As an Editor at Rolling Stone, Mr. Fong-Torres helped change the way music was written about and observed. 
This is the quintessential documentary for music lovers and those who appreciate Music History. Included are wonderful interviews and shared moments with Quincy ones, Carlos Santana, Elton John and Cameron Crowe.
Paul Booth

Paul Booth

Paul Booth’s love of movies is at the core of who he is. He is a filmmaker, journalist and film historian.

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